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Health Insurance

Our health solutions for you are designed keeping in mind your safety, convenience, and budget. These insurance covers are designed to give you protection in every stage and aspect of life. There are times when people are unable to work due to accidents or ailments; we are there to provide for you and your family’s financial needs in that hour of crisis.

Our health insurance policies include:

IPD health riders with maximum benefit per time

More details about IPD health riders with maximum benefit per time

The benefits of the above insurance schemes will cover treatment benefits without reserving cash for hospitalization under the company network (can refer to the hospitals listed in “Booklet of hospital network”). The insured party is obliged to claim 30 days after the date of approval of this rider except in the case of an accident.

The benefits include:

  • Specialist’s consultancy Fee
  • CT scan and MRI tests
  • Balloon treatment
  • Outpatient Cancer Treatment
  • Outpatient Kidney Dialysis
  • 90 days Nursing, board, and room Care
  • ICU service fees for Max 7 days
  • Surgeon’s Operation Fee
  • General Treatment fee
  • Operation Room Fee and anesthetists fee
  • Surgical tool and Equipment Fee
  • Several lab tests for outpatient
  • Physician Service Fee
  • Emergency Treatment for Outpatient
  • Outpatient Physiotherapist Consultation applicable up to 30 days after discharge from hospital

We also have an additional category called SOS1 with following services-

It includes:

  • Providing services of medical assistance to those traveling abroad.
  • Providing medical aid in domestic travel



  1. The insurance premium will be renewed based on the policy contract. This will be subject to factors like change in age group, profession, or health conditions.
  2. Coverage and payment periods of the insurance policy are one year. These are automatically renewed at the end of the coverage period as stated in the agreement of the basic policy or at the date when the insured reaches the age of 80 years, whichever is earlier.

IPD health riders with lump sum benefits every year

More details about IPD health riders with lump sum benefits every year

Why select these policies?

  • The policies are simple to understand and hence easy to communicate to the customers. Further, Insurance Thailand will cover the IPD of all accidents and ailments (schedule of surgery not included).
    • All the plans are specific with clear policies and terms of premium payments
    • The customers know exactly in which situation they can avail the policy

Note– The OPD treatment includes therapies like Chemotherapy and Radiation, along with dialysis treatments.

The benefits include:

  1. R&B (including the expenses of ICU and hospital nursing care)
  2. IPD facilities – These include all the General treatment expenditures, physician and specialist’s visit, surgical fee of doctor, operation theatre, and equipment, expenses of Ambulance etc. ( Incl. OPD follow up )
  3. All kinds of Outpatient treatment
  4. Emergency treatment arising due to accidents
    5. Advanced Treatments like Dialysis, Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy


The coverage and payment periods of the above policies are a term of one year. They are automatically renewable as per the agreement at the end of coverage period of the basic policy or at the date the insured reaches the age of 85 years, whichever is earlier.