Insurance Thailand continues to spread its wings all over the country and we are now searching for insurance sales representatives who will advocate our cause.
You could be living in any part of Thailand but if you are good at sales and are interested in joining our company as an independent agent, then please get in touch with us.
We are offer attractive commission payoffs.

Are you willing to visits potential clients near and around your residence?
We are also on a lookout for Thai staff members who can speak English. We provide free training services to new representatives.
We are looking for insurance agents.
Wherever you live in Thailand, are you interested in a position in the sale as a freelance insurance agent with an attractive potential to invest?
Do you like to get in contact with other people? Are you interested in visiting potential customers or in your office?
We are looking for insurance agents who are self-responsible and fit into our Insurance-Thailand Team. Your work is facilitated if you live with a Thai partner.
Welcome to the team of
We are expanding further and looking for a new team nationwide for full and part-time employees from Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa, India and the Philippines, who live in Thailand, for the distribution of health insurance.
Especially for Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket we are looking for dedicated employees.
You live in Thailand and would build your own agency together with your Thai woman and grow together to success.

-Generous commission basis
-Free training
-Extensive support

Note that there is no work permit included in the job offer, also pure independence and commission basis
In addition, we are looking for Thai employees who can speak English.
Free workout and good income
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