What we do


Health Insurance Thailand is a secure insurance solution that stands by you and your loved ones in the hour of need. Our premium-quality services provide financial security against ailments and accidents. We develop a trusted bond with our clients and provide special financial security to their families.

There are some important factors that keep us ahead of other insurance companies in the market.


We provide a wide variety of plans and options to select for you and your family. We guarantee our clients the best health insurance with top-quality services. Our financial services, sound security base, and special services for the families of expats make us the most sought after choice for various kinds of health-related insurance. Our primary concern is the personal and spatial proximity for the customers and their families. We provide insurance consulting and support services to the Dutch, German, Thai, and the English.


We are completely trustworthy and have always provided the best prices to our clients. Our costs do not include any hidden costs or any extra expenses levied by middlemen. We provide fair deals at competitive prices and hence our customers come back to us for new policies and insurance solutions.


We express our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal clients for showing their trust in us. We serve as the backbone to support the well-being and security of expats during their relocation and also while living in Thailand. Our company provides the best and most reliable financial cover against illness and accidents.

We love to help. Here’s how

Insurance Thailand is your trustworthy friend to provide clear, precise, and valuable advice on our various types of insurance policies. We advise you to take the best insurance policy for you and your family. Our specialized services are tailor made for expats who are looking for cost-effective and value-driven insurance policies. We guide them to clearly understand the rules and regulations associated with availing health insurance policies in a new country.

Our consultancy services for selecting the right insurance policy are:

  • Friendly and Informative
  • Quick processing
  • Simple to understand
  • helpful and guidance-driven

Why we are the best insurance solutions for expats

Our health insurance policies for expats are preferred over other insurance companies as we provide great services at affordable prices.  We are very particular in selecting insurance companies and refer only those health insurance services that comply with German requirements. Our programs are specifically tailored for a varied niche of professionals, freelancers, and self-employed personnel.

When people move from their countries to a new one, they face certain challenges like finding a new home, job, adapting the new language, relocation problems, setting up local contacts and registering with the local services. Amidst all this confusion and initial teething troubles, it feels great to get associated with a secure insurance service.

Insurance Thailand provides the best health insurance solutions and gives you all details regarding the different kinds of health insurance and accident insurance. We provide the best solutions for your personal concerns and will be very happy to assist you in matters regarding your health security services. We hope that you start a pleasant life journey in our country-Thailand.

Our health insurance solutions extend to expatriates, permanent residents, Thai people living and working in Thailand, as well as internationally operating companies. We offer optimal and customized health insurance solutions tailored to the needs of individuals and their families.

These insurance services are the best health insurance deals for your stay abroad covering you against unforeseen situations and emergencies while traveling. Whether you have settled in a new home or are still in the planning phase of deciding whether to settle abroad or not, these insurance policies will get you covered.

Our services are spread out all across the nation and we are at your-beck and call at even odd hours. You can always reach out to our team for assistance regarding personal protection plans and they will suggest the most suitable plan based on all your personal information and requirements.

We are there to help you at all hours. Just ask us without any obligation!

Our consultancy services are absolutely free of cost!

With our successful track record, expats who are dealing with ailments and health problems feel comfortable in consulting us. We don’t just say, we extend our helping hand to these foreign nationals who have language barriers and other settling issues. Unlike an automated talk at a call center, our team members attend to your woes with great concern. We are here to listen to your problems and offer robust solutions to your financial concerns regarding health insurance.

We attend to your requests on a priority basis. We will be more than glad to send you a non-binding offer and provide all details regarding the various insurance policies that you can avail. Our team members visit home if so requested by you. They discuss and help you out in deciding the best insurance cover for you and your family.